We are experts in affective & cognitive science, psychology
and physiology of emotions, computational linguistics,
deep learning and computer vision
    Founder & CEO
  • Maxim Ryabov
    Co-Founder & CTO
  • Igor Levin
    Chief Operating Officer Head of External Relations
  • Olga Perepelkina
    Chief Research Scientist
  • Olga Serdiukova
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Katerina Kotenko Lengold
    Vice President of Sales and Business Development
  • Eva Kazimirova
    Research Scientist
  • Maria Konstantinova
    Research Scientist
  • Mikhail Grinenko
    Scientific Consultant
  • Grigoriy Sterling
    Deep Learning Expert
  • Yaroslav Lavrinenko
    Lead Developer
  • Andrey Belyaev
    Computer Vision Expert
  • Kristina Astakhova
    Public Relations Officer
  • Gleb Cherdantsev
    Project Manager
  • Konstantin Yatkin
    Full Stack Web Developer
  • Dmitry Davydov
    Scientific Consultant
  • Mikhail Artemyev
    Junior Machine Learning Expert
  • Leonid Shtanko
    Machine Learning Expert