Senior care
AI-powered Monitoring System to help Institutional & Home Healthcare Providers
Empower Nursing & Home Aides with the tool that allows them to react to adverse events like falls, loitering or bed-sores and monitors the evolving condition of the residents. Give them an opportunity to act just in time and support their decision making.
Assisted Living
24/7 Patient-Centric Care System at Heart
No wearables
  • Residents don't wear or charge any devices
Always ON
  • Monitoring 24/7, no missing data will be missed due to human error
  • Let residents sleep: no lights or sounds in the room - alert to the aides’ personal device only
  • No streaming or unauthorised video access – only patterns are extracted
How it works
Elderly care inlvolves different parties: physicians, nurses, aides, facility authorities, relatives and the resident himself. By assisting one of them, we can improve functioning of the whole care system.
Difficult tasks made easy, together with AI-powered technology.
  • Personal data is securely stored at your facility/home without third parties having access to it.
  • Scalable system & unique US/ EU patent-pending algotrithms
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