Rosbank gauges customer emotion with Neurodata Lab

Published in FinTech Futures on February 26, 2019

Rosbank, part of one of the biggest financial groups in the world Société Générale, is testing emotion recognition technology at the call center. The technology is developed by Neurodata Lab and will be deployed as a pilot project.

The Emotion AI-based solution recognizes customer emotions and calculates Customer Satisfaction Index, all in real time. The analysis is performed both at the vocal and the speech-to-text levels. The system also analyses additional parameters, namely, the number of pauses in the operator’s speech, the change in voice volume and the total conversation time.

Such analytics will allow to determine the most critical classes of requests. The manager will receive statistics on the operators’ performance with each call: recognized customer emotions, the dynamics of the Customer Satisfaction Index change over time, and comparative indicators of the effectiveness of the provided service.

Representatives at the bank say that if the results of the pilot project are successful, the solution can be used in the offices for employee-customer communication analysis: «Today, biometric technologies are becoming more and more popular in various fields, including banking. Rosbank is constantly working to improve the quality of customer service, and we hope that the introduction of emotion analytics in the customers’ voices will help us to bring the service up to a new level» – noted Vasiliy Voronov, acting Innovation Director of Rosbank.

Thanks to the multimodal approach to emotion recognition, Neurodata Lab can also analyze real-time streaming video from cameras in sales offices. «Such analytics will enable the bank to accurately track the factors affecting the quality of customer service, including how customers perceive innovations in the bank departments» – said George Pliev, Founder and CEO at Neurodata Lab.

About Rosbank

Rosbank is a universal bank, part of Societe Generale Group, with more than 4 million private customers in the region. The Group’s strategy is aimed at improving customer service quality and reaching leading positions in the field of innovation, ensuring growth through business development, strengthening interaction between departments and achieving sustainable profitability.