We are happy to announce Neurodata Lab is now a Professional Partner of the Artificial Intelligence and Movement AIMove Post-Master’s Degree, delivered by the MINES ParisTech – école des Mines de Paris. Olga Perepelkina, Chief Research Officer at Neurodata Lab, will represent the company as a Professional Officer.

Among the partners of the AIMove program are well-known international scientific laboratories (IDIAP, IRCAM, CERTH, INRéV) and high-tech enterprises. As a part of an internship program, we will promote students’ access to the expertise we have in movement capture and analysis, gesture recognition, machine learning, industrial application of technologies, as well as provide guidance and supervision during participants’ research activities.

AIMove is a Post Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence and Movement, taught in English, delivered by the globally renowned MINES ParisTech. In partnership with prominent academic institutions and professionals in France and the world, this international postgraduate programme is addressed to engineers and highly qualified graduates from the fields of computer science, informatics, mathematics, automation, electronics or other relevant disciplines. What makes AIMove unique is that it offers to students a double expertise. Graduates will be specialised both in AI technologies and human movement understanding. AIMove responds to the emerging needs of both industry and society by promoting awareness of AI and ensuring immediate employment for those who want to pursue a career in AI. To ensure the match between education and market demands, AIMove partners with industries and academia. This Post Master’s Degree enables participants to acquire expertise in a rapidly growing field, addressing a multitude of topics through courses on gesture recognition, machine learning, movement capture and analysis, human-computer interaction, collaborative and creative robotics, etc. After 6-months of intensive courses, graduates will be considered “movement engineers”, capable to manage collaborative robotics projects, develop movement-based interactive systems, and design innovative solutions for the factory of the future or the industry of autonomous vehicles. Students’ access to the labour market is facilitated by mandatory internships in high-tech enterprises.

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