Neurodata Lab at CES 2019
This January Neurodata Lab will be at CES 2019, the world’s main event for consumer technologies, where we will be presenting our Emotion AI-based solutions for CX Management and Robotics and IoT.

How Emotion Analytics benefit CX Management?

Neurodata Lab’s real-time emotion analytics to manage customer experience allows constant tracking of employee performance, customer reactions and AI-analysis of the data. With a simple webcam and a microphone the technology analyses the emotions of customers and provides instant feedback of how satisfied they are with customer service via a calculated Customer Satisfaction Index.
This is a smarter alternative to practices such as email survey, mystery shopper or “rate the service” button that are subjective and inconsistent and fail to provide accurate data. Neurodata Lab’s solution provides highly accurate analytics based on objective indicators of how your customers really feel about the service.
Neurodata Lab’s technology can be used in banking, insurance, retail, HoReCa to gather reliable real-time analytics and quickly manage customer experience and quality of service. It can be used in call centers to monitor customer satisfaction based on voice analysis.

What is an emotion-enabled robot?

At CES 2019, we will be also proudly presenting the results of our recent collaboration with Promobot – a robot that can simultaneously recognize the emotions of several people it is talking to, react accordingly and measure how satisfied those people are with the interaction in real time. Neurodata Lab’s cloud-based emotion recognition technology is integrated into Promobot and allows the robot to accurately recognize the emotions of a person, even when out of sight.
The robot accurately recognizes 7 emotions: happiness, sadness, surprise, anger, anxiety, disgust, and a neutral state. It has two emotion recognition applications: for business and for personal use. Depending on the chosen option, it analyses emotions and either calculates a Customer Satisfaction Index or Smile Index and then adapts its answers and reactions accordingly.

Empathic robots represent a new era of human-computer interaction in personal applications. Emotion AI aims to naturally include nonverbal cues into human-computer communication, with which the robot can better understand the users and meet their needs. On the other hand, within sectors such as banking, retail, entertainment, and hospitality, Promobot is able to utilize its communication skills to improve customer experience, thus building customer loyalty and driving business performance.

How does Neurodata Lab’s Emotion AI work?

We use a multimodal approach to emotion recognition. Our cloud-based technology analyzes each of the channels – voice, facial expressions, and body movements, separately as well as together in order to achieve a better and more accurate prediction.

Where to find us at CES 2019?

We will be happy to see you at Booth 921, Tech East, Westgate beginning on January 8th @ 10 a.m. There you will be able to:
• Test our real-time emotion recognition technology and calculate your Smile Index
• Meet Promobot, a robot that can recognize your emotions, react accordingly and measure how satisfied you are with the interaction
• Check out Neurodata Lab’s business solutions for CX management and advanced Customer Analytics
• Ask your questions to Steve Ardire, an experienced Emotion AI industry expert, who has been a strategic adviser over two decades to a number of successful startups related to cognitive, conversational and affective technologies

On-booth presentations

We will hold short presentation sessions (10-15 minutes) at our booth every day throughout CES 2019. They are free to join and no registration is needed.
– 10:30 a.m.
– 11:30 a.m.
– 2:30 p.m.
– 3:30 p.m.
In case you would like to book the time for an interview/demo in advance, contact

Stay updated

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