SLUSH 2019, Finland

Meet Neurodata Lab at SLUSH 2019 on November 21-22 in Finland! Test state-of-the-art Emotion Recognition and Computer Vision tools for data-driven business results.

Meet us there on Thursday, November 21…

You can appoint a meeting with us in advance using the Slush Matchmaking Tool.

…or drop by at our booth E9 on Friday, November 22!

From 10AM to 6PM you’ll find our booth at Startup District, E9.

The visitors will have a chance to test our Emotion Recognition and Computer Vision tools, all in real time and video-based. In addition, out technologies will calculate the overall SLUSH Visitor Satisfaction Index and analyze the biological sex and age of all attendees and visitors who stop by at our booth, thus forming a collective profile of visitors of this massive event.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!