With his main research interest in Robotics and Social Signal Processing, the computing domain aimed at modelling, analysis and synthesis of nonverbal behaviour in human-human and human-machine interactions, Dr Alessandro Vinciarelli will be contributing to the company’s research activities in the field of emotion recognition and socially intelligent AI applications.

Today he is a Full Professor at the School of Computing Science and Associate Academic of the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology, at the University of Glasgow. In his previous academic experience there are more than 14 years of extensive research at the Idiap Research Institute. He is also engaged in several projects on socially competent robots and development of approaches aimed at making robots capable to entertain people in public spaces.

Commenting new partnership, Alessandro said: “Natural communication is not only about the information we share with each other, but also emotions and social non-verbal signals. Social Signal Processing is aimed at teaching machines to understand and react to non-verbal behavior, just like humans naturally do. Neurodata Lab’s solutions for recognition of emotional and social behavior will open a new world of opportunities for advanced business applications.”

Neurodata Lab is an Emotion AI Hub and a full-range R&D laboratory that adopts an effective model of integration between fundamental research, applied science and high-tech business. It creates systems that automatically recognise emotions, physiology and social behaviour. The technology incorporates a multimodal approach to create highly accurate solutions. neurodatalab.com