Emotion Miner Data Corpus
    • Multimodal emotion & behavior data

    • Collected and labeled on Emotion Miner

    • 160 hours of marked up pubic audiovisual content in English

    • More than 110 000 annotated video fragments

    • 10+ annotators for each fragment

    • 22 emotional states

    • Multimodal emotion & behavior data: video, audio, motion capture, psychophysiology (PPG, GSR)

    • 150 videos in the Russian language

    • 6 emotions: joy, anger, sadness, disgust, fear, surprise

    • 13 acted scenarios

    • 5 male and 5 female actors, aged 18-28

    • Each video file marked by at least 5 annotators

MoLi: Motion and Light Photoplethysmography Dataset
    • PPG contact data, HD & webcam video recordings

    • 14,5 hours, 229 video sequences

    • 21 subjects aged 23-33

    • Varying illumination settings: bright and blinking

    • Movement: large and small movements, speech

    • Physical stress

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RAMAS is available for free for academic institutions, universities, laboratories and non-profit organisations for research purposes. Emotion Miner and MoLi data corpuses will be available soon for use. For more information, get in touch with us at