Trackers & Soft
  • Voice Splitter
    Voice — is a helpful instrument in sentiment analysis and can significantly increase the accuracy with which emotions are recognised. Emotion detection in speech is closely connected to the task of speaker diarization. Our voice splitter technology extracts emotional cues from the speech and overlapping audio fragments.
  • Face Detection & Identification

    80% percent of information on emotional states is coming from facial expressions. Thus, accurate face detection and identification technology is a crucial task for Emotion Recognition. With just a standart webcam, our technology can indentify a human face in real time or in an image or a video.

  • Heart & respiration rates
    Implicit psychophysiological manifestations, for instance, increased respiration rate, can be indicative of strong emotional experiences. Out technology registers changes in heart and respiration rates without special equipment.
  • Eye Catcher
    Retrieving eye movements from video could be a difficult task since it would require equipment such as special eye trackers. We went further and created a tracking solution capable of allocating eye movements that does not require additional equipment and have no time limitations of the recording or mandatory restraint of the subject.
  • Body Tracker

    Body language, gestures and interpersonal distance provide a rich canvas of data about emotional and social dimensions of human interaction. Body tracking is a useful instrument in affective computing and a next step in emotion recognition and social signal processing

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