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  • SLUSH 2019, Finland

    Meet Neurodata Lab at SLUSH 2019 on November 21-22 in Finland! Test state-of-the-art Emotion Recognition and Computer Vision tools for data-driven business results. Meet us there on Thursday, November 21… You…

  • Machines are getting freakishly good at recognizing human emotions

    Originally published in Digital Trends. “People are generating a lot of non-verbal and physiological data at any given moment,” said George Pliev, Founder and Managing Partner at Neurodata Lab, one…

  • Can AI recognize happiness better than you?

    Originally published in NextBigWhat. A new study tested eight out-of-the-box AI algorithms to compare how humans and machines recognize emotions. According to its results, AI outmatches humans when it comes…

  • 4 customer data collection best practices to follow

    Originally published in SearchCustomerExperience. Brands can also benefit from using emotional data gleaned from customer interactions with call centers, apps, websites and brick-and-mortar stores. This information refers to the feeling…

  • How Do You Know Which Emotion a Facial Expression Represents?

    Originally published in Scientific American. Look at the picture above. Do you think the young woman is surprised? You may be wrong. A facial expression of emotion depends not only…

  • AI lie detector developed for airport security

    Originally published in The Financial Times. As emotion detection and behavioural analysis technology improves, it may become more reliable as a tool for lie detection, said Neurodata Lab. But it should…

  • SEAIxI (ACII 2019), UK

    Neurodata Lab became the Gold Sponsors of the most prominent event in the world of affective technologies — the International Conference on Affective Computing & Intelligent Interaction (ACII 2019), held…

  • Success Stories: How Russian Entrepreneurs Build AI in Switzerland

    Originally published in Rusbase (in Russian). The article is a part of a joint project ‘Switzerland for your AI project‘ by Swiss Business Hub Russia and Rusbase. Product Neurodata Lab is an…

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