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  • People Think: Fears and Emotion AI

    Technology has changed the world. It is growing fast and steady, making our living more advanced. Indeed, technology is everywhere. Smartphone apps are getting better and more intricate. We put…

  • Success Stories: How Russian Entrepreneurs Build AI in Switzerland

    Originally published in Rusbase (in Russian). The article is a part of a joint project ‘Switzerland for your AI project‘ by Swiss Business Hub Russia and Rusbase. Product Neurodata Lab is an…

  • Emotion recognition in motion: why static images lie

    The emotion recognition technology has been around for more than 10 years. Since recently, companies have begun to realize that in order to detect emotions correctly one needs to use…

  • New technology by Neurodata Lab acquires accurate physiological data

    Originally published in News Medical Life Sciences on June 19, 2019. New technology by Neurodata Lab is capable to acquire physiological data by simply pointing a webcam at one’s face,…

  • Lesseme system, word prominence and other animals

    Prominent words are those words that we mark by intonation when we speak. Voice is a vital tool of transferring the meaning of what we want to say and by…

  • Now a webcam can tell you that you are stressed

    Stress has become a very common phenomenon — we are so used to it, we take it as a natural part of our everyday. Stress management techniques and tips go…

  • Demo portal

    Deeds are worth ten thousand words. That is why we launched a demo portal open for everybody at (via Chrome desktop), where you can test our technology stack as well…

  • Young Minds in Science: Emotional ‘Illusion’ Contest

    Emotions are tricky. Surprisingly, they can be confusing not only for robots but for humans as well. Sometimes relying on the context can help, though even that can be manipulated….

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