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  • Demo portal

    Deeds are worth ten thousand words. That is why we launched a demo portal open for everybody at (via Chrome desktop), where you can test our technology stack as well…

  • Comparing Emotion Recognition Tech: Microsoft, Neurodata Lab, Amazon, Affectiva

    Automated emotion recognition has been with us for some time already. Ever since it entered the market, it has never stopped getting more accurate. Even tech giants joined the race…

  • How emotion-tracking A.I. will change computing as we know it

    With the exception of the occasional “Are you happy to continue with installation?” type pop-up message, computers haven’t classically cared much about how we feel. That’s all set to change…

  • Analyzing Emotion in Customer’s Voices: Rosbank and AI Startup Neurodata Lab

    Originally published at on March 4, 2019. Rosbank, a Russian universal bank, announced last week it was testing emotion recognition technology at its call center, with plans to deploy…

  • Rosbank gauges customer emotion with Neurodata Lab

    Published at FinTech Futures on February 26, 2019 Rosbank, part of one of the biggest financial groups in the world Société Générale, is testing emotion recognition technology at the call…

  • I know how you feel

    Originally published on Ponedelnikmag on January 16, 2019. Imagine a robot that can get your ironic joke and smile back — this is the future that the developers of AI-based…

  • Diversity in Emotion AI and why it matters for business

    For a long time technological bias was a purely academic issue but since recently it has been manifesting itself in the commercial world, and with much broader implications. In a…

  • What We Learned from CES 2019: Emotions and Business

    The recently concluded CES 2019, the world’s biggest show for consumer technologies, was as great an event as they get. It was Neurodata Lab’s first international business forum of such…

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